Wonders of Quantum Physics

What is the Wonders of Quantum Physics?

Based on the successful Wonders of Physics outreach program from the University of Wisconsin-Madison physics department, Wonders of Quantum Physics (WoQP) provides children and adults with non-science backgrounds the opportunity to explore quantum physics in an inquiry-based format. 

In addition to participating in local science camps and regional and nationwide events such as the Wisconsin Science Festival, UW-Madison Science Expeditions, IlliniFest, and QuanTime, WoQP offers hands-on quantum exhibits and live demonstrations aimed at broadening the audience that engages with quantum science. Over the past three years, WoQP has connected with thousands learners of all ages across the country and helped build their quantum intuition.

Quantum Activity Kit Instructions

To engage students more broadly across the country, the WoQP team has created several hands-on quantum science experiments that can be completed at home or in the classroom. These activities are designed for grades K-12 but are perfect for anyone interested in learning more about quantum science.

A teacher with a group of students looking at an experimentStudents participating in Wisconsin Heights Science Camp experiment with lasers traveling through different materials. Photo credit Ebony Cox / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Interested in supporting WoQP?

Reaching a wider audience and increasing the number of students who experience quantum science and engineering activities early on helps set the foundation for the future quantum workforce. If you are interested in supporting this important work, please reach out to HQAN's outreach program manager Sarah Parker (sarah.parker@wisc.edu).