HQAN Exchange Program

Interested in visiting another HQAN-affiliated research lab?


In an effort to develop new and strengthen current center collaborations, HQAN students and postdocs are encouraged to visit other HQAN-affiliated research groups. Please follow the steps outlined below if you are interested in participating in an exchange.

Familiarize yourself with current research happening within HQAN to determine where you may be most interested in visiting. Information about all of HQAN's ongoing research is available here.

Once you've identified a few research groups you'd like to visit, have a conversation with your advisor to finalize your decision. Your advisor should also connect you with that research group so you can confirm that they are willing to host you for a few days. 

Following confirmation that the research group you'd like to visit is willing to host you for a few days, submit an application. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and you should receive a decision on your application within 2 weeks of submission.

Following the approval of your travel request, you can start planning your visit! Be sure to reconnect with the research group you'll be visiting, as well as your institution's travel administrator, to finalize details. Note that travel, lodging, and per diem costs for the exchange will be covered by your home institution. Some things to consider as you prepare for your visit:

  • How long will you stay? Exchanges typically last 3-5 days. Having a discussion with your partner about what you hope to see while visiting will help determine how long you'll stay.
  • How will you get there? Because of the close proximity of the three HQAN institutions, bus, train, and car are great options for traveling.
  • Where will you stay? Do some research about the location of the lab you're visiting and nearby lodging. It may be helpful to connect with your partner from the research group you're visiting.
  • Journal your trip. Prepare to take notes about your experience and what you've learned to share back with your home research group. You can also write a blog post about your visit to post on the HQAN website (like this post from UIUC student Danielle Woods).


If you have any questions about this exchange program, please reach out to HQAN's outreach coordinator Sarah Parker.